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Help us on our mission to make crypto accessible to everyone.

About Kriptomat

Over the past five years, Kriptomat has become one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms in Europe, recruiting more than 400,000 crypto users and building a reputation for delivering a simple and accessible investment experience. Our mission remains unchanged: to make crypto accessible to everyone.

At Kriptomat, we don't just see ourselves as a team, we're a tribe. Here, it's about more than just a job. Our tribe is built upon shared values, where members support and defend each other, strive to achieve common goals, and are bonded by a tight connection. By working together, our tribe produces results.

Our Values

tribe /trīb/ noun : Tribes share values. They defend each other. They achieve goals. Members are bonded tightly to each other. Tribes get results. A tribe is more than the sum of its members.

The bonds between them make them stronger, more resilient, more capable, and more successful. Together, a tribe can accomplish astonishing things. Together, a tribe can do the impossible.

We are… Customer Obsessed

We deliver for our customers – period. 

We listen carefully and try hard to understand their needs and expectations and reverse-engineer that information into amazing products our customers love. 

We work hard to gain our customers’ trust and we always put our customer first. 

We are… Speedy

Being first in business matters. There are no medals for last place. 

We are biased towards action and we use every single day to the fullest to make incremental improvements. 

Small increments compound into great outcomes.

We are… Accountable

We take ownership in getting things done. 

We protect our tribe even if it goes beyond our job description. 

We are accountable for making sure our communications are transferred and understood as intended.  

We are… Best

We owe customers our best work and we are satisfied only with the highest standards. We exceed the expectations of our tribe and our customers.

We are… Direct

We give and invite honest and direct feedback without fear or hesitation.  Tribe members make decisions based on the brutal truth, not polite euphemisms. 

If we see something could be done better, faster or more optimally, we don't hesitate to communicate that openly.

We are… Curious

We learn more so we can contribute more to the tribe – both in our own jobs and by identifying room for improvement in all areas of the business.

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3 jobs


Job titleWork modelLocation
Affiliate Partnership ManagerOn-site
  • Europe, Harjumaa, Estonia
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Affiliate Partnership Manager
  • Europe, Harjumaa, Estonia


Job titleWork modelLocation
Full stack DeveloperRemote
  • Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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React Native DeveloperRemote
  • Europe, Harjumaa, Estonia
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Full stack Developer
  • Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia
React Native Developer
  • Europe, Harjumaa, Estonia

Hear it from them

Dušan, Web Developer

"Do what you love, what makes you grow, what challenges you and pushes you to your limits. That's my job at Kriptomat."

Polona, Coordination Manager

"Kriptomat is a company that is going to change the world, change people's lives. I am so happy I work with such talented people. It has expanded my world beyond comprehension so far."

Carl, Chief Marketing Officer

"I've found my home! Working with so many people who share the same passion and drive makes this my dream job."

Ivan, Quality Assurance Engineer

"Kriptomat was a brand-new experience for me. It is very challenging, not boring. There are new challenges every day. To be completely honest, I'm more than happy to work here at Kriptomat. I really feel like a flower that has flourished since I arrived."

Meet the tribe.

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